There is no consent under capitalism.

A young man sells his life to a handsome trillionaire to save his family from debtor’s prison and gets caught up in a world of money, power, sex, and deceit. A queer Handmaid’s Tale meets Gossip Girl. Coming March 3, 2020 from Publishing.

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A fabulist Kimmy Schmidt meets I KILL GIANTS wherein a young man is thrust into the disappointing mundanity of the real world when the cult that raised him to believe himself super-human is exposed and dismantled before he can undertake his sworn quest to slay a monster. When he makes friends with a queer cosplaying nerd, outside a Comic-Con—a friend who doesn’t mock his self-perception—they decide to go on a road trip to find out whether he really has magical abilities and whether that monster is real.



Finley Hall, gay trans millennial vampire, is BACK! In the Hugo and Nebula nominated “Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time” he grappled with his body. Eight weeks later, he’s back at work, and grappling with hierarchical vampire blood bonds and cute ER interns. When vampire Daddy Andreas introduces Finley to a separatist group of ancient vampires, he derails Finn’s plans to get through 3rd puberty with the help of a cute human doctor and forces him to choose between two older generations’ bullshit: happy assimilation & problematic inhibition.



The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction. Lethe Press. September, 2016.