Leveling Up: Part 1 - Querying

Welcome to the first post in a blog series called Leveling Up, titled such because though I originally intended to cover only revising a novel, I've decided to include some of what led me to that point. And what all these topics have in common is helping yourself dress for the job you want and level up. Topics I intend to cover include:
  1. Querying;
  2. Attending a SFF workshop (Viable Paradise);
  3. Attending SF conventions (World Fantasy Con 2015, Nebula Awards Weekend 2016);
  4. Working on novel revisions with an agent;
  5. Anything else I forget / requests (feel free to email or @ me on Twitter with suggestions!).
I'll try and update this first post with all the links every time. Also, I'm not trying to commit to any particular order or set of posts up front because god knows I'm pantsing this whole blogging this ;D

Freshening Up


If you're seeing this post it means I'm giving my website a makeover. I've changed a lot over the past few years and yet this site...hasn't.

In the meantime, you're welcome to talk to me on Twitter @KMSzpara.

- Kelly